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Summer 2008 Farewell Dinner



BubbleShare: Share photos - Create and Share Crafts




Studies in American Language




Culture and Current Events

Summer 2008




Hi Everyone,

This is our class "Home Page."  This is the place where you will find all of your class assignments listed and links to copies of any handouts you might need. So, be sure to check this page often.



Here is our course outline.  It describes what we will study in this class



In this class we will learn about current events, as well as relevant social information.  You will have opportunites to learn about American lifestyles.  In addition, you will research topics of special interest for presentation during class.





Assignment                                                                                      Resources            

Monday, August 4th

Topic:  Computers and Culture

Create:   a new Yahoo e-mail account

Sign up:  on at least 2 new Social Networks

Insert:  a logo on your "Team Page"

Complete:  your "Personal Page"


Assignment 1


Friday, August 8th

Topic: The Value of a Life

Watch: the "YouTube" video

Discuss: $How much is "Your Life" Worth$

Read: the article: "Man's "entire life" for sale on e-Bay"

Review: the vocabulary page

Do:   the "T/F" and "Synonym" exercises

Complete: Activity: "Buy My Life"

Create:  a poster to "sell" your life



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Assignment 2 --Reading

Vocabulary List

Reading Exercises

Poster Activity



Monday, August 11th

Continue Friday's Lesson

Review: "notes" guidelines for making a speech.

Prepare: "My Life for Sale" speech

Present: your speech

Write:  a short paragraph -- on your page -- about your life

            in San Jose.


Speech Notes



"My Life"  Writing



Wednesday August 13th

Continue Monday's Lesson

Follow:  directions for creating a Bubbleshare album

Create:  Bubbleshare album "My life in San Jose"

Insert:  Bubbleshare album in your Personal Page












Topic:  An introduction to American Culture

Discuss: what is "culture" --  why is it important?

Complete:  the "Features of Culture" worksheet

View:  "American Culture and Values" PowerPoint

Create a Bubbleshare Album

Bubbleshare example:

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Features of Culture Worksheet


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Monday August 18th


Continue Wednesday's Lesson

Explore:  American Values and Lifestyles


Discuss:  American vs. Japanese Cultural Values

Review: PowerPoint bascis

Create: PowerPoint Presentation:  "American Culture"

Prepare: presentation using "Presentation Notes" handouts







Assignment 3

Presentation Speech Notes 1

Presentation Speech Notes 2



August 20th

Make: PowerPoint Presentation

Insert: PowerPoint on your Personal Page using

          "Google docs"




 Inserting PowerPoint on your page





This is also the place where you can link to your "Team Page." 


Team Pages

Find your Team Name on the table below and click on the link to go to your Team Page: 


Love Baseball Green Apple

  3 Flowers

  Black Shoes

 4 Grade Union


 Right Hand



Personal Pages

You will find your name on your Team Page. Cick on your name and you will go to your Personal Page.  All of your assignments must be completed on your Personal Page.



How to write on your "Team Page" or your "Personal Page"

  1. Click on the "EDIT" tab at the top of the page
  2. You will get a "Sign-in" page
  3. Enter your new Yahoo "e-mail address" and the "Invite Key" I sent you
  4. Go to the place where you want to start writing something
  5. Enter what you want to write
  6. Click on the "Save" button at the bottom of the page



It is very important to "Save" everytime you write -- if you don't "Save" your writng will disappear



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